Mysteries of the occult:

Outside the bounds of popular culture and normal listening habits an untapped realm of auditory bliss awaits. Our mission is to expose you to those alternate sources.

During your use of this site, you may encounter track listings which you find compelling, mysterious, or even offensive. We will not be held responsible for life altering changes in your musical perspectives. Change is inevitable. You must take the good with the bad. Learn to enjoy the lows as well as the highs. Nothing lasts forever. Successful users will develop a more nuanced taste for browsing after reflecting upon this site. If your previous collection seems inadequate after browsing these archives, you must consider it as part of the growth process.

This is not to say that we consider this collection as approaching a comprehensive finality. Multitudes of disc jockeys and collectors have tried in vain to achieve the ultimate collection. To this date, they have all fallen short in the tragic fashion of Icarus. However lofty it may be, this collection can only be considered a false summit. Human fallibility precludes us from achieving the apex of the ultimate music collection. It is important to admit this to ourselves lest we be carried off on a tide of hubris and arrogance. Humility is key to listening.

In the same vein, we can not guarantee growth in your musical tastes. You must do the work to develop yourself as a listener. You must use this resource to pursue new artists and genres instead of becoming locked into a single paradigm. Nothing comes for free. Learn to enjoy putting the effort forth to achieve your goals.

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We can not confirm or deny the existence of yeti, sasquatch, aliens, reptilian shape-shifters, or psychic powers. However, we can safely guarantee that listening possibilities beyond your consideration do exist. Successful users of this site will experience the unexpected.